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kitc_120 Top 10 Kitchen Splurges

By: Marissa Ponikowski

Kitchen remodels are notoriously expensive, so it just doesn't do to blow the renovation budget on senseless luxuries. However, there are certain areas in a kitchen where a splurge is definitely worth it. We've got the goods on those little lavish touches that will elevate your culinary space from humdrum to simply fabulous. So go ahead and indulge!  MORE...



reno_120 The Five Biggest Reno Mistakes

By: Kelvin Browne, National Post

A friend asked for advice before he began renovating a house he recently purchased. As he enthusiastically told me about his plans, he made it clear one mistake he was not going to make was to run out of money. He had lots of it and was very proud he knew where to get the best deals on everything. So, what had he missed? What hadn't been considered?  MORE...


painting_120 Ten Home Improvement Projects That Add Value

By: the Editorial Team

Can't stand your scary, cobwebby basement one more minute? Is it past time to replace the pink-and-aqua tiles and porcelain in the master bath? Maybe you're sick of the curling, chipped vinyl floor, the tacky cabinets, and cramped layout of your kitchen.  Perhaps you're trying to convince your partner that the siding is sad and stucco would be stupendous. But your partner wants to build a deck...  MORE...