Find SALE Prices for Specific Calgary Area Homes. Includes details, pics and description.


Do you want to do your own housing market research? Not sure if your agent has gathered all the relevant data, or perhaps you want to get a rough estimate of value before you speak with an agent. Use this section to research sold details, statistical graphs and detailed property information so you can make important decisions, in an informed and educated manner.

How's The Calgary Market Doing?

Recently Sold Properties

Research and compare similiar homes near yours that have recently sold to get a good idea of are realistic current fair market value.

Accurate and current property data is essential to assist in your process in making an educated and informed decision about your purchase or sale.

Looking at active homes for sale online only tells a small part of the story. In a typical market only around 1/2 the properties sell and many will have price reductions and negotiated sale prices prior to the actual transfer of sale. This site gives similiar information that our agents use in the assessment of value for our clients. Although it does not replace the unbiased and experienced guidance of a real estate agent who is an expert and specialist in the area, it is better than a high level guesstimate or assumption based on innacurate or untimely advice. When your ready call an agent give you an unbiased opinion on current fair market value and some sage advice on how to increase it.

sold property details

Market Data and Statistics

Are house prices in your rising or falling? How does the median price compare to the average price? How are the estate homes doing compared to the move up category in your neighbourhood? How much have prices risen or fallen since the year you bought or built?

What percentage of homes are successfully selling vs expiring or terminating their listings due to not selling in a timely manner or for the price the seller was hoping? Days on market, list price to sale price ratios, number of new listings compared to new listings coming on the market, all these are important details when your trying to pinpoint whether now is the right time to sell or buy or to determine if you should be offering a bit above, or well below asking price.

When you look at a macro level broken down by specific community, you can more accurately determine how the market is doing. The news often reports whether a market is up or down, but that really only tells you how the city is doing. The information that is easy to come by typically does not tell you that although the City of Calgary is in a bit of a downturn, your estate home in Elbow Valley is up, way up in demand and value.

various reports showing different sold data

Sold Data Information

Wondering exactly what the house down the street sold for?

You can now research yourself, with fair accuracy, what the value of your property may be, based on similar homes sold in a reasonable period of time that are near yours.

This site makes it easy to assess what your fair market value might be exploring the actual data yourself.

various pictures showing happy people in their recently bought properties

How to increase the demand and value of your property

Explore our pMASSp marketing program to help you sell your home for more money in your pocket. The property preparation and presentation of this big ticket asset can mean the difference between selling quick and for top dollar or slow and low.

The experienced agents of The Group at Re/Max First will collaborate with you on your biggest asset and how to maximize it. but, price is not the only consideration as your move, your work, your family and your sanity all come into play in this important transaction. The Groups award winning brochures, videos and websites are preceeded by a strategic game plan, staging consult, professional photography and digital enhancement combined with our high exposure, highly visited buyer sites.  Speak to an agent today, and get the highest ultimate net sale price for your property.

Home Price in Calgary

Get the data you need to get the price you want in your purchase or sale of a home in Calgary. Don't proceed blindly or overly emotionally in this transaction. A balance of explored emotion and accurate logic is essential in making good choices in your housing investment.

The rise and fall of home prices play in together in ways that can cost or make you money. Selling in a hot market is not a guarantee for more money if your moving up in the same market. Waiting for a pricing correction does not guarantee you will spend less if interest rates are on the rise. Getting the lowest mortgage interest rate can cost you extra tens of thousands of dollars through higher payout penalties associated with stripped down mortgages. Always consult with the appropriate experts and question why they stand by the answers they give. The simple straightforward answer, unfortunately, is often incorrect or partial in real estate in which counterintuitive logic prevails.

Speak to one of our agents today to explore the meaning of these graphs, and how it affects your current property value.