Your Home is Guaranteed to Sell with The RE/MAX First Guaranteed Sold Program

In a changing market many agents make statements about how they will sell your home for "the highest price," "quickly" and with "the least hassle." While it's easy to make that statement few agents are willing to back that up with a guarantee. The agent will puff up the recommended sale price only to follow this with a badgering for price reductions in order to get your home sold.

Fortunately, Re/Max First has created a Guaranteed Sold Program solving this problem for home sellers who need to know there home will be sold for a certain minimum price, within a certain period of time. This program is not for every home seller as it is really geared to sellers in certain situations like those with exciting situations like a new home build or a relocation to another city, as well as those dealing with negatives in life such as death or divorce. This program guarantees, upfront and in writing, the sale of your home at a price agreeable to you. If your home doesn't sell, we will buy it from you for the previously agreed price.

When interviewing Calgary real estate agents, ask what written guarantee they are able to give you with respect to the sale of your property. In the Calgary market in any given year nearly 1/2 of the homes listed do not sell, at least on their first attempt on the MLS. If you need to know the details of the final sale of your home then the Guaranteed Sold program can give you the confidence you need.

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  1. Why would I want a guarantee? FAQ's

    There are a number of reasons why a seller would want the assurance of a guaranteed sale on their property. Operating much like a corporate relocation, a seller can move on to the next chapter of their lives knowing certain things are in place, by certain dates, and certain amounts. 

  2. Can I sell for more than my guarantee?

    In most cases you have 90 days to sell for higher than the agreed upon guarantee price, and we can typically get you a higher offer price in that time frame.

  3. How do you come up with the price?

    The guaranteed sale price will reflect the current and projected market conditions, as well the saleable features and characteristics of the property. It will also take into consideration the costs associated with transferring the title of the property twice, additional marketing costs and anticipated holding costs such as insurance, mortgage and interest payments, property taxes, heating and power etc. The price is only a partial reflection of what the home is worth combined with associated costs of selling the property again. The guarantee price is slightly lower than market value but provides home owners with the assurance of knowing their home will indeed be sold.

  4. What will the guarantee price be?

    The guarantee price is subject to change with market conditions and property "salability," but it’s best to have us give you a current and comprehensive evaluation on your home.

  5. So if I sell for higher than the guarantee within the 90 days what happens?

    You keep the higher sale price less commissions and the guarantee becomes void. Note: if you change your mind, you can also void the guarantee anytime prior to the 90 days as well. 


Many home owners choose to take the guarantee as a plan "B" that may help them with financing on another dream home or new build. Or if they don't want to hold onto the property for an extended period of time (death, divorce or debt), or perhaps tax implications will come into play. The majority of sellers still want to get the most money for the property possible, but that may not be the only, or the biggest factor. It gives home owners peace of mind. It is very rare that the guarantee ever has to be used by the seller and the property will typically sell within the alloted time when using the plan laid out in the program. 

Conditions will apply. The best way to figure out if a guaranteed sale is an option for you is to have us come out and give you a no cost or obligation market evaluation and to discuss the details of the program. Call us Today at 403.255.9555 to set a time and date.