Calgary Home Buyers Package 

girllookingathome_400Buying a Calgary home?  I'm confident you'll like our approach.  It's about you - your family - your needs.  That's the way it should be.     

Let's face it, and real estate agent can show you a home - right?  So, what sets us apart from the rest?  It's not what we do when we're showing you the home, it's what we do when we're not showing you a home.

Experience has taught us that real estate is a "people business" - period.  We have an approach to finding you and your family your Calgary dream home.  We want to be your real estate agent, and this is why we've created a Premium Buyers Package.  We've have tried to simplify the home purchasing process - this gives you peace of mind and confidence.  When you choose to buy your home with us you need to know what we do:

We take the time to LISTEN to you.

First and foremost, we establish your needs and wants.  we have created a very detailed "questionaire" that goes through details of what you're looking for in your new home!  We're sure there are many details you may not have even though of.  Lifestyle, work, commutes, walking distances, yards, parks...and how much can you afford.  We will take the time to ask you everything we need to get steered in the right direction.


Before we actually step foot in a house, let's determine what price range you're in.  My team can help you pre-qualify (most of the time over a 10-15 minute phone call).  Working with a mortgage brokers benefits you by providing a variety of lenders and securing the best one for your unique situation.  Strict confidentiality is enforced between you and the broker. 

Home Showings and Tours

You will have full access to our MLS® Express Home Finder Program.  You will receive daily emails of ALL brand new MLS® Listings that match your home buying criteria - for FREE!  These listing will be as new as 5 minutes old!  You will have access to homes that have not yet reached the Calgary MLS® - giving you a huge advantage over the folks looking for the same home!

Together, we select the homes you'd like to view.  We can show you ANY home listed (or not listed - welist) by any agent or company.

Write an Offer on your behalf and ensure you understand what it says - in PLAIN ENGLISH!

You've found your dream home!  Now it's time to make your dream a reality.  Once you've decided to purchase a specific property, you'll want to move on it.  we will prepare all the documents required to make an offer, and provide professional guidance to ensure the offer is writen correctly and the conditions you require are included.  Your offer is writen on your terms.

Confidently represent you and your offer.

Rest assured, your offer is in good hands.  Our background research on the property in negotiation is critical.  Knowing how long it's been on the market, how many times and what the neighborhood trends are most valuable when negotiating the offer.  Once the offer is written, you can just sit back - We present the offer to the listing realtor® and negotiate back and forth with your full influence and final decisions.

Taking care of Financing and Home Inspections.

These are the two most common conditions put on a purchase (there are many others - but these are the most common!).  The condition date is generally 7-10 days from the date on the contract.  This ensures plently of time to get things in order.  We can arrange for the home inspection, date and times.  A professional home inspector will give you peace of mind with regards to structure, interior and exterior.  They will also provide you a written report indicating areas of concerns and estimated costs of repairs.  We will also guide you though getting the approperiate mortgage documents you'll require.

Moving day!

We've created a fantastic resource list for our clients.  We can offer you reliable and professional contacts for attorneys, appraisers, painters, movers, etc.  Setting up utilities, phones and cable is a breeze with our quick sheet guide!  We're here to make your move as easy as possible for you.

If you'd like to know about the home buying process, we'd love to tell you all about it. Contact US!

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