TownHomes for Sale in West Calgary

If you want a house that seems like a single-family home even though you and your neighbour share a wall, townhomes are the best option. Townhouses can have multiple floors and utilize vertical space rather than being enormous on the ground. Townhomes in West Calgary come with or without garages. Owning a townhouse gives you access to both the structure and the plot it is built on, which is big enough for you to walk your dog, grow a little garden, or even have a barbecue outdoors.

There are several reasons to buy a townhome in West Calgary: Calgary West is home to well-known communities like Aspen Woods, Cougar Ridge, Discovery Ridge, Glamorgan, Signal hill, and Glendale.

Families and professionals looking to settle in Calgary are drawn to Calgary West because of its proximity to downtown Calgary. The district also has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor activities, amenities, and recreational facilities like parks and outdoor spaces. There are several excellent private, public, and catholic schools in the area, as well as institutions like Mount Royal University for higher education.

Edworthy Park borders the Bow River and is home to hills, trees, picnic areas, and playgrounds spread across 169 hectares. The Bow River Pathway runs parallel to the river and is used by walkers, hikers, and bikers.

Townhomes complexes in west Calgary include: