Starter Homes for Sale in West Calgary

West Calgary’s starter homes are the perfect homes for students, young professionals, and young couples starting life out on their own. Available for as little as $450,000, these homes are transitional and are not intended to be permanent homes. Homebuyers looking for a starter home are often bound by budget constraints. They typically seek a house that is not too big, has low maintenance costs, is budget-friendly, has the ideal yard that requires little care, and is ideally located and surrounded by amenities. That’s what a starter home in West Calgary offers.

You can choose a one-bedroom starter home or one with as many as four bedrooms in West Calgary. You can also choose a home that has a small or large backyard. West Calgary’s starter homes are located close to schools, healthcare facilities, shops, malls, recreational centres, and parks.

West Calgary comprises neighbourhoods like Aspen Woods – one of the city’s best new neighbourhoods. Spruce Cliff is another hidden gem in this quadrant and houses lovely starter homes. Homebuyers who want to live close to nature can choose starter homes in Lakeview or Discovery Ridge – two of Calgary’s best communities for nature lovers. Currie Barracks is the best community for seniors.

Families and professionals looking to settle in Calgary are drawn to Calgary West because of its proximity to downtown Calgary. The district also has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor activities, amenities, recreational facilities like parks and outdoor spaces, and excellent educational institutions.