Choosing the right home is one thing. Choosing the right home in the right neighbourdhood is another.

When deciding on your next home, there are many things to consider.  Is the home in close proximity to your regular preferences and activities?  Is it a safe neighbourhood with lots of recreational sites and schools?  How close are the close and are entertainment amenities in walking distance?  All these are common questions that many home buyers fail to ask, yet are so vitally important to the overall lifestyle you may want.

Live Year Round on the Water

Calgary Lake Communities

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to Calgary lake communities. This directory lists all the Calgary lakes and homes…

Photo of Calgary Lake Communities community
Estate Living for those with ...

Calgary Luxury Homes

Showcasing Stunning Calgary Luxury Homes. Chic lifestyle with diversity ranging from fine downtown dining to exclusiv…

Photo of Calgary Luxury Homes community
An Inner City Playground

Uptown 17th / the Beltline

AKA "The Red Mile" the 17th Ave Retail & Entertainment District with more than 400 boutique shops and services. Set i…

Photo of Uptown 17th / the Beltline community
One Street A Thousand Avenues

Mission District

4th Street is nestled in the middle of the Mission, Cliff Bungalow and Beltline communities between historic sites an…

Photo of Mission District community
For the Bohemian in us all

Inglewood District

Quintessential Inglewood houses boutiques selling unique furniture, indie fashion and unique goods, and offers fine a…

Photo of Inglewood District community
The SOHO of Calgary

Kensington District

The centrally located streets are ultra-pedestrianfriendly. Walk across the Louise Bridge from downtown, ride along t…

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The Heart of the City

Downtown Calgary


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Take a Tour de Bowness

Bowness District

The Bowness Mainstreet is a robust business area on Bowness Rd. It’s an eclectic area with vibrant businesses offerin…

Photo of Bowness District community
The Trans Canada Highway

Central 16th

A mecca of restaurants, small shops, bars and classic Calgary staples all reside on Central 16th Ave. Co-joining 10th…

Photo of Central 16th community
An Oasis in the City Center

Princes Island / Eau Claire

Prince's Island Park is a beautiful highly used park in downtown Calgary that holds many large events throughout the …

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Be in the Loop

Marda Loop

Over 130 boutique shops, retail and places to eat, this walkable, street-level shopping & dining district is one of t…

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Bright Lights, Big City

Highrise Condos

Living in the clouds surely does give the best views. Live a New York style lifestyle right here in Cowtown.

Photo of Highrise Condos community
Both tranquil and beautiful

Golf Communities

The ultimate retirement dream is to reside in a quiet place with a tight-knit community and opportunities for fun and…

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The best neighbourhoods to ra...

Family Friendly

When choosing the best place for their families to live, parents investigate a number of items. From good schools to …

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You've heard the term "location, location, location" and though in many situations people tend to sacrifice space, new construction, and even sometimes safety just to be in the heart of all the action, it is so important to understand what you may be giving up to live where you think you want to live.  It is important to compromise on some things and plan for the future.  Ultimately, your home is usually your biggest investment and decisions made on your home purchase should not be taken lightly.  Furthermore, it is also good to understand that your situation may change.  I'm sure, you've heard the term "once a bachelor, always a bachelor"?  Well, in real life that's not necessarily true.  Today you can be a single professional and tomorrow you might fall in love.  You could be a happy newlywed couple and a few months later, your wife is expecting.

Planning for these life-altering changes is something to consider when looking at buying your next home.  Don't get too caught up in the allure of city life and the quiet convenience of the suburbs.  Plan before you buy!  One of our experienced agents is standing by, ready and willing to walk you through the buying process.  But for now, below are some ideas of the communities in Calgary that fit your lifestyle choice!