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Curtis Kramer

We had never met Curtis Kramer and May Davidson until our Calgary house hunting began and we were astounded by how dedicated they were and focused 100% on us. They understood our needs and were patient finding the perfect home, at the same time as impressing us with sharing their in-depth knowledge and skills regarding the housing market... Every single neighborhood. It's folks like these two that define the term 'going above and beyond.' We are experienced home buyers, having worked with realtors in excess of 5 transactions, and Curtis and May set the bar brilliantly higher than any realtor before them. If you are looking for confidence that your realtor is the best and is setting standards of excellence in their field, and most importantly cares about you first... There's no one better than Curtis and May.

Meaghan and Luke S.

★★★★★ Rating 5.0 - 3 Reviews | Curtis and May have been doing real estate collectively for 20 years. Curtis' previous career was with IGA/Sobey's stores here in Calgary. He managed and was accountable for entire store operations. Curtis and May operate as a team within a team. Our approach is client dependent. The majority of the time we jointly manage the client relationship and process. Our collaborative approach provides our clients with a broad range of skills sets that we bring to the relationship. We have extensive experience building trusting, loyal relationship, managing processes and strong negotiating skills. Not everyone in Real Estate has the solid business back ground that is a critical component in our business. It is imperative to mitigate risk to our clients while ultimately reaching a mutually beneficial outcome for all. We have lived in Calgary the majority of our lives and both have raised our families here. Our approach to selling Real Estate is very personal with the highest level of integrity. If we wouldn't sell a home to our parents, our children or our closest friends then it's not the right house for you. You deserve and should demand people with outstanding client focus and creativity to fulfill your needs. Our goal is to make a difference and build lasting relationships with our clients.

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