NorthWest Calgary Lake Communities

Arbour Lake  offers a beach with swimming, boating and fishing. Harvest Hills offers boating and beauty. Both communities enjoy lake skating in the winter.  

SouthWest Calgary Lake Communities

While there are no lake communities in SouthWest Calgary a few homes do look over the Glenmore Reservoir. Glenmore Park and 16 km of paved bikepaths surround the reservoir. Home-owners enjoy hiking, cycling, and sailing opportunities. 

NorthEast Calgary Lake Communities

Coral Springs boasts a 16 acre lake available for swimming, boating, fishing and ice sports.  

SouthEast Calgary Lake Communities

SouthEast Calgary hosts the bulk of Calgary's lake communities, including Lake Bonavista, McKenzie Lake, Sundance, Chaparral, Midnapore and Auburn Bay and Mahogany With beaches with swimming, boating, fishing and ice sports, the SouthEast is the water lovers quadrant.